Below you can find reviews & feedback left by parents and children from The Starting Point Centre, that have used our child contact centre service, and how we have helped many families re-build their relationships.

"The center has proven invaluable to me and maintaining my relationship with my kids. I really like that the service and the staff were non-judgmental and welcomed me as a human being - they made my kids feel welcome and they made a “challenging period” more “survivable”. The staff are amazing: competent, knowledgeable, credible and want to make this work for the kids and the parent. They care; they go the extra mile - whilst keeping a smile on their face. It helped that the staff constantly reassured me and supported me - safe in the knowledge that “this was not going to be forever" -Parent

"Nice faculties, was nice to be able to play outside in the nice weather" - Parent

"Emotional but over the moon"Parent

"Great support from Tracy as always" - Parent

"Wonderful being able to see my child has made my week" - Parent

"Staff are very supportive + give great advice " - Parent

"Thank you for supporting and checking up on me, your very nice" - Child

"It's really fun to come here" - Child

"I love all the toys." - Child

"I would like more contact" - Child

"Can we have more time?" - Child

"FUN!" - Child

"This is just to say how grateful I'm for your help with contact for me and my son. Also the 2 ladies present during contact session were also very helpful, kind and Professional. It made it very easy and less stressful in the first time seeing my son in such a long time. Appreciate this. Thanks to you and your team." - Parent
'The 'Starting Point' Centre has been a lifeline for me and my relationship with my 2 children. Charlene and Gaye have facilitated and encouraged the letter box contact, to which the relationship with my children has developed and grown. They have encouraged responses, while being fair and maintaining a safe place where my children were not pressured to respond and could do and say as they wished. There was good communication between myself and the members of staff for arranging contact stuff to be dropped off safely. I have always felt supported by the staff and listened to. Thanks to the contact being facilitated well, I am now moving onto meeting my children in person.' - Parent