Below you can find reviews & feedback left by parents and children from The Starting Point Centre, that have used our child contact centre service, and how we have helped many families re-build their relationships.

"The center has proven invaluable to me and maintaining my relationship with my kids. I really like that the service and the staff were non-judgmental and welcomed me as a human being - they made my kids feel welcome and they made a “challenging period” more “survivable”. The staff are amazing: competent, knowledgeable, credible and want to make this work for the kids and the parent. They care; they go the extra mile - whilst keeping a smile on their face. It helped that the staff constantly reassured me and supported me - safe in the knowledge that “this was not going to be forever" -Parent

"Nice faculties, was nice to be able to play outside in the nice weather" - Parent

"Emotional but over the moon"Parent

"Great support from Tracy as always" - Parent

"Wonderful being able to see my child has made my week" - Parent

"Staff are very supportive + give great advice " - Parent

"Thank you for supporting and checking up on me, your very nice" - Child

"It's really fun to come here" - Child

"I love all the toys." - Child

"I would like more contact" - Child

"Can we have more time?" - Child

"FUN!" - Child

"This is just to say how grateful I'm for your help with contact for me and my son. Also the 2 ladies present during contact session were also very helpful, kind and Professional. It made it very easy and less stressful in the first time seeing my son in such a long time. Appreciate this. Thanks to you and your team." - Parent