Supervised Contact

What is Supervised Child Contact?

Supervised contact is always observed and supervised by trained professionals like a social worker or a support worker.

Supervised Contact is a highly supervised contact between a child and a non-resident parent, where there has been an assessed, or actual risk, identified. Supervised contact, first and foremost, ensures the physical and emotional safety of a child, but also aims to promote a healthy ongoing relationship.

Supervised contact is rigorously monitored and recorded to ensure that children are safe and protected and evaluated to inform care planning and decision making.

Why do I need Supervised Child Contact?

Most of the time, supervised contact usually happens because the court has decided that this is the best thing for the children given the circumstances. Contact between the child and non-resident parent /carer will take place at scheduled appointments, which will be supervised by trained professionals, in a safe environment, for example, a child contact centre.

Where will I have Supervised Child Contact?

A contact centre is a place that is set up for families to see the people that they love the most in a safe, fun, neutral venue. Child contact sessions that are supervised, often take place at a contact centre, and detailed reports will be written about how the contact sessions are going. A copy of the supervised report is given to both parents, and sometimes it is given to the court and any other legal professionals that are involved.

How do I begin supervised contact?

At The Starting Point Centre, you can being the process of arranging supervised child contact by simply making an enquiry with us!

There are many ways you can enquire, you can either use the 'Make an Enquiry' Button at the top of the page, email or give us call on 0113 246 4940

Too Far Away?

If you are too far away from us you can always find a child contact centre near you by going to the NACCC website where you can compare different contact centres using their, Find a Contact Centre search tool