Our Team

Anna Robinson - Director

Charlene Hart - Contact Centre Manager

Louisa Parkinson - Deputy Contact Manager

Gaye Walton - Referral and Centre Co-ordinator

We also have a group of support workers who work to support families in their contacts.

All staff are DBS checked and trained in line with NACCC enhanced accreditation standards and in line with company policy.

About Us

We are a social enterprise company whose mission is:

To continue to provide family services to benefit the people in my community to re-build and re-engage.  To support in listening, advising, and guiding parents and carers to put their children / grandchildren at the centre of what they do.  To teach and support parents and carers to develop new skills and build confidence in their abilities as parents.  To promote communication between parents and carers.

Here at The Starting Point Centre, we want to work towards supporting families in projects that create lifelong learning opportunities for children and teenagers so we can work to a brighter future for the community.

More information about the team:

Anna Robinson the Director of The Starting Point Centre is a highly experienced business owner of a childcare environment and worked alongside Ofsted for 17 years. 

Anna employs experts in their field and empowers them to support children of all ages.

Anna prides her work to ensure safeguarding is the main agenda.

The Starting Point Centre has been created to bring together the expertise of Anna’s current workforce with a social worker who is top of their game to ensure the environment is perfect for families to meet, rebuild their relationships and do so safely so it benefits the child/children. 

Children have the right to see both parents and we can provide that safety net.

Together Anna and her team have developed a unique and bespoke service which covers the Leeds area and surrounding districts.

​Her vision is to be the best and the most unique child contact centre in the region. 
We are able to offer a bespoke service to members of the public, CAFCASS, the courts, family solicitors and Children’s Services.


We are proud to announce we have employed a social worker called Charlene Hart who will support us in ensuring the service we offer is the best it can be.

Charlene has fantastic experience working within both the social care sector and the children’s residential sector.

Most recently, Charlene has been in post as a registered manager as part of the Project Phoenix Group. Charlene has built up a plethora of knowledge around childcare as a whole and has a vast depth of understanding of all Ofsted requirements and the full referral process.


Charlene has experience supporting children with various complex needs including EBD, CSE and CTS.

Charlene has supervised various contact sessions and actively worked alongside the local authority to place referrals and manage complex cases.

During Charlene’s role as a social worker she has worked alongside contact centres as well as taking a lead on conducting full contact sessions.

Charlene holds a BA Hons in Social Work Level 3 Diploma in Children’s Health and Social Care and is in the process of completing a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management.

Qualifications and Certificates include Level 3 Diploma in Children’s Health and Social Care and Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management (In Progress)

NACCC Enhanced Accreditation

We have NACCC enhanced accreditation in place you can find us listed on their website here!

Call to discuss on 0113 246 4940 or check the website for more details


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